Propose a Toast

It’s Thanksgiving! Instead of shrinking into the corner when it’s time to propose a toast, practice public speaking by suggesting one of your own. Here are a few tips to make sure yours is memorable:

Get their attention: This is your toast, so muster up your biggest, bravest breath and use it to make your family and friends aware of your intentions. As your speech writer, I’ll even give you the words for this introduction. Just say, “I’d like to propose a toast!” (You don’t even need to give me credit for this brilliant line).

Keep their attention: With piping hot turkey as your competition, this is no small task. But you can do it — as long as you keep it short and sweet. Toasts almost always start with the word, “to.” Yours can, too.

Make it memorable: An ill-prepared toaster will say something boring — “To health!” (duh!) “To us!” (zzzz). You want your toast to mean something so plan ahead. Think of your audience and then make it personal. “To easier times ahead!” “To the start of our long lives together!” Or, for those of you dining with in-laws, “To all the turkeys at this table!”

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! And Cheers!