All Hands

If you’re lucky, you have two hands that (generally) mind their P’s and Q’s. So how come it feels so funny to have hands when you’re doing a presentation?

This is a pretty common presentation question and we’ve all heard the expert tips for achieving “natural” hands:

  • Cross them in front of you
  • Hide them behind a podium
  • Hold note cards
  • Use them for emphasis

These ideas are all well and good, but possibly, they’re doing you a disservice. What if the answer to this question is easier than note cards or podiums? What if it lies among friends?

The next time you find yourself standing and talking to a friend, take note of those pesky hands. In that setting, I can guarantee they’re doing what they always do.

Once you know what’s natural, you’ll be more confident doing that in front of a group. Unless of course, your friends inspire wedgie pulling. In that case, you’re back on your own.