The Top Nine Valentine

It’s almost Valentine’s Day! This year, instead of fighting the crowds in the Valentine aisle, consider writing your own little note. Sure, it might take a little longer to pull together but at least you won’t be settling for sentiment that’s only close enough.

Not sure you can do it? Of course you can. Here’s the secret:

The Top Nine Valentine

Start by writing down nine things you love about your sugar-plum. Then come back and read below.

Don’t cheat.

Don’t cheat.

Don’t cheat.

If you’re like me, here’s how your list went down.

Nine Things I Love About My Valentine

  1. This reason is obvious. This is the reason you give to the checkout lady at the grocery store when she asks you why you love your love.
  2. This reason is also obvious.
  3. Mucho obviouso.
  4. Hmmmm. This is getting interesting.
  5. This one could be classified as nubby. But only a little.
  6. You’re getting nubbier.
  7. Aha! Yes. Yes.
  8. Wow! This one is great. This one gets to the depth of things.
  9. This one is a little silly, but also true.

And there you go. The hard part’s done. Dig around numbers 5 through 9 to find your most favorite and then tell that to your Valentine with all your heart. Like this: