Words With Nubs: Dribble

Dribble. A word full of contradiction.

On the one hand, dribble is so intentional. So deliberately bounce, bounce, bounced. Or drop, drop, dropped.

On the other hand, dribble is so messy. So much harder to do than pour or carry. (And, it’s important to note, way more likely to contain spittle.)

So. What to do with such a word?

It seems that dribble, when used in the right context, could single-handedly bring into focus a scenario that is otherwise a little complicated to explain. A word that could replace drivel with dribble?

Let’s try:

  • The book dribbled clues throughout
  • The window ledge was dribbled with knickknacks
  • The toddler dribbled towards his mom, arms outstretched