My New Goal: Write a Novel

Here’s a post from my personal blog about my new goal to write a novel! I though some of my Fourscore followers might be interested in this and, more importantly, have some advice for a novel-writing rookie.


It’s been a whole two months since we accomplished the Mora Classic Goal so of course I’m all itchy to get something else going. Here’s what I’ve got: Write a Novel. By 2026.

My cousin Jason Wellnitz just published his first book called River Way Home. I loved reading his book (I wrote a review for it on Amazon, which you can read by checking out his book.)

I especially appreciated the way he tackled this goal I’ve had on the back burner forever. He wrote it, published it and had a lot of fun in the process. It was the kick in the pants I needed to start my own book.

Unlike my cousin, though, I’m on the slow track. The idea of getting a novel done in a year sounds way too daunting. Instead, I decided to try to have it finished before Hiram graduates from high…

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