Words With Nubs: Mud

There are languages where sounds replace the need for punctuation. For example, in Japan, the sound “ka” replaces the need for a question mark. “You like blue, ka?”

I’m always looking for words that act like “ka” in English. Having a spoken sound to emphasize your point is such a great way to bring it home. As I’ve been slopping around outside lately, I got to thinking about Mud.


Almost always, mud is an appropriate word for exasperated exclamation. It even feels like a nubby exclamation point on its way out of your mouth. Consider its common uses:

  • His name is mud!
  • This is clear as mud! 
  • You’re a stick in the mud!

So how about it, ka? The next time you need to release a little pent-up anger, find a way to make it about mud.

If it snows one more time, I am going to start slinging mud!