Write a Novel: June Update


Ummmm. THAT was inspiring. I took the first of two novel-writing classes at the Loft yesterday and then proceeded to talk Brad’s head off during all of lunch. If he tried to change the subject, I used the “redirection” skills I learned in my media relations days to bring the discussion right back to the topic du jour. The class was basic, but  just what I needed to feel confident about what to do next. It reviewed the basic arc of a story:

  1. Current State
  2. Building Action
  3. Crisis
  4. Falling Action
  5. Resolution

It also helped me identify the areas of my story that could be pitfalls. Surprisingly though, I’m not discouraged! I give credit to the teacher for this. He gave great advice without digging at our creative liberty. In fact, he reminded us that writing a novel is the only place in the world where we get to say how…

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