Write a Novel: July Update


Look at that pretty blue circle of completion! I’ve officially finished my novel-writing goals for the first 6 months.

July Update

Last weekend was the second of two classes I took at the Loft this year, this time about character development.

The class was good, but I left feeling a little discouraged. One of the main goals in character development is authenticity and while I feel like I have been on the (far) outskirts of a lifestyle similar to that of my main character, I definitely haven’t internalized her life to the point of making her authentic yet.

My first character is influenced largely by some kind of new age religion.  I’m pretty religious, but unfortunately (well, actually, fortunately), I am not familiar with the kind of cult-like influences she experiences in her life. I knew this was a gap before I took the class, but the class made me take this problem…

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