Write a Novel: August Update

Hey! That was a pretty successful August. I spent it with my nose in books and have started having bad dreams about being in cults. If that isn’t the closest thing to being in a cult without being in a cult, I don’t know what is.

I realized during the first month of research that I don’t need to find an existing religion to give my main character. In fact, after reading what I’ve been reading for the past few weeks, I am pretty sure that giving her a religion that already exists is going to make my novel unbelievable (a.k.a. truth is stranger than fiction).

This is good news because it means I don’t need to acquaint myself so thoroughly with one particular religion. It’s bad news because it means I need to rely on my own brain to come up with a religion that is crazy enough to be crazy but not so crazy as to make my poor character an incurable nutcase.

In my writing class, I learned about something called a “Character Bible” which is something you write about a character so that you can refer back and keep things straight. What I need, my friends, is a “Religion Bible.” Errrr. Let’s call it a “Religion Charter.” An overview of my made-up religion’s people, rituals, history and beliefs. By January.

I’m going to keep on keepin’ on with the research. It’s working. I’m also going to press myself to get back to writing — just so I’m not rusty when I finish the research. I’m going to write and publish a short story (here) in January too. The short story doesn’t have to be perfect but it must be published.Two things to finish by my birthday.

Ready, set, go.

August novel update