Words With Nubs: Precipice

I’ve been walking around calling my current life a “precipice.” In reality, this is a highly dramatic word to use to describe “the beginning of being a little busy.” Which is exactly how I think you should use the word precipice, too.

Think about it. If you and your family were dangling over the edge of a cliff, it would be better to call that situation something with less sizzle. An issue. An unforeseen circumstance. You know, something that didn’t incite irrationality.

However. When you’re feeling irrational dread over some inevitable thing that isn’t really that bad, then precipice is the word of the day. It simultaneously expresses your feelings AND your feelings about your feelings. Think of the appropriate applications:

  • Trips to the dentist
  • Your kid’s next slumber party
  • Visiting a petting zoo, Santa or the Easter Bunny

Endless, really.