New Reality


It is surprisingly hard to tell people that I am writing a novel. When I do, I always want to add some inane comment like, “but who knows how it will go!”

Actually, I know exactly how it will go. It will go great. It’s going great. It is a life-transforming endeavor!

So why do I do this? I never feel like I need to justify being a mom. “Yes, I’m a mom, but we’ll have to see how they turn out!” Or my job, “I work in communications, but God knows why!”

Why does being a novel writer make me so insecure?

I don’t know. What I do know is that something that has helped is looking people right smack in the face whenever I can, without smirking, and saying, “I am writing a novel.” No excuses. No dumb qualifiers. No extra words after that.

Something that seems true…

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