Words With Nubs: Wicked

If you incorporate just one new word into your Halloween vernacular, maybe it should be wicked. You’ll still be able to say everything you mean and you’ll get credit for being in the spirit, too. Wicked is the perfect word to celebrate a holiday that is wicked, wicked and also totally wicked.

Wicked = Evil, horrible, bloody wounds and chainsaws

Wicked = Mischievous, as in, so naughty it’s cute

Wicked = Totally awesome

  • The wicked children did a wicked job tee-peeing their wicked neighbor’s tree. Trick or treat!
  • He met his wicked wife at a wicked costume party and instantly, she melted his wicked heart.
  • The wicked witch and her wicked little kittens were having a wicked good time making wart stew.

Who needs cat ears on a headband that gives you a migraine? All you need is wicked. You’re welcome and have a wicked Halloween.