Words With Nubs: Eschew

I’ve always put Eschew in a category of words called: “Not worth the trouble.” Eschew.

For one thing, the word is borderline too obscure. It’s grumpy. And then there’s the fact that your tongue just doesn’t always agree to do what Eschew asks it to do. I mean, even the sprightliest of tongues wonders what’s become of it when you’re trying to say Eschew.

But then my friend gave me a mailer that said “Eschew the flu” and suggested it might be a word with nubs. Huh. Eschew. As in, “Eh, eh, eschew!” I must admit, I got a little converted.

What if you used Eschew to simultaneously communicate and rid yourself of your unsavory emotion all at the same time? Words with therapeutic appeal might deserve reclassification.

  • Insecurity, I eschew you! (poof)
  • Grumpy coworker, eschew! (turn on his heel and gone)
  • Negative temps, for the 847th day, it is time to eschew! (…and, OK. It doesn’t work miracles.)