A Taxes Word Quiz

When you’ve finished doing your taxes, test your tax expertise with this t-a-x word quiz:


  1. A song that is appropriate to play while doing taxes
  2. A song that is too depressing to play while doing taxes
  3. Of, pertaining to, or based on three-dimensional studies of the brain, especially as an adjunct to brain surgery


  1. The feeling euphoria that comes from finishing your taxes on time
  2. April 16 through December 31
  3. Pertaining to or situated behind the axis of the body, especially the posterior side of the axis of a limb


  1. A tendency to screw up your taxes
  2. The feeling of expecting a refund but then having to pay
  3. Lack of muscular coordination resulting in shaky limb movements and unsteady gait


  1. A natural chemical released in your bloodstream during tax season
  2. People who think taxes are super fun to do
  3. A taxonomic category, as a species or genus


  1. An amazing tax experience
  2. A ridiculous tax policy
  3. The science dealing with the description, identification, naming and classification of organisms


  1. A huge tax bill
  2. Very complicated taxes
  3. Dependent relation or construction, as of clauses; syntactic subordination


  1. The growing trend of doing taxes while skydiving to liven things up
  2. A book or movie that is themed on taxes
  3. A feature of the arrangement of elements in a construction, as selection, order, phonetic modification or modulation.

Answer Key: 3,3,3,3,3,3,3

Source: Thanks to dictionary.com for providing the real definitions used in this post.