Language of Flowers

I love words. But sometimes words aren’t enough.

I became obsessed with the Language of Flowers when I was working on publicity and marketing for Megan Moore and her company Commemorate the Date (a great business by the way, and a perfect gift idea for all your spring and summer weddings).

With Mother’s Day coming up, I thought I might be able to channel some of those good times with a list that will help you assemble a bouquet that says it perfectly.

  • Agrimonia – Thankfulness
  • White Carnation – Sweet and lovely
  • Cherry Blossom – Feminine beauty
  • Oxeye Daisy – Patience
  • Red Rose – True love
  • Elderflower – Compassion

Warning: If your mom sends YOU a bouquet for Mother’s Day, keep an eye out for signs of discontent. Here are a few flowers you never want to receive from your own mother: Lovelia (malevolence), Rue (regret) and the yellow Carnation (literally: “you have disappointed me.”)