Ask Me. Do it!

I’m starting a new series with answers to some of the more common questions I get from my clients. If you have a question you want me to answer, send it my way. Maybe it will get answered right here on Ask me. Do it!

How can I get the media to cover my story?

The frustrating truth: The only sure-fire way to get the media to cover your story the way you want them to is to pay them for an advertorial. Short of that, here are a few tips that improve your chances of getting some ink:

  • Tell a story that is interesting to people outside your immediate family. Don’t just tell ‘em you’re launching a new product. Tell them something true and good. Like that it was made in Minnesota or invented in your garage.
  • Work for the reporter. Don’t send mass emails. Scope out media outlets that will actually cover your story. Then figure out which section or segment is the best fit. Follow the format to craft your own story and don’t be afraid to tell the reporter that’s what you did. “I think this story would be a perfect fit for your holiday gift guide.”
  • Join the conversation. If you sell treadmills and a high-profile story breaks about exercise, write a press release! Then send it out and offer your services as an expert or person who can provide a little texture.

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