Calling All Amazing Kids

I want to tell stories about amazing kids. I know you know a few.

When I was little, my friends and I made a newspaper. It was one page front and back. Then we went door-to-door selling it to our neighbors – all of whom were very polite and either gave us money or found a way to gently send us on our way. All except for one guy who took a quick look at our paper and said, “I can buy the Star Tribune for less than a dollar and it’s got hundreds more pages than your paper. Why would I buy yours?”

It felt harsh and we were mad at him. But even then, I knew he was right. In that moment I had learned my first important business lesson and I still think about that guy. About how he, of all the people we met that day, had the most respect for us. Even though he didn’t know us, or buy our paper, he believed in us and took a chance to help us learn something fundamental and important. So thanks, random guy!

I’ve been thinking about what I could do with this blog that would be exciting and interesting. And then I came across this link about amazing kids and I realized, I could use this blog as a forum for promoting kids and their amazing ideas. I could also be “that guy” and use what I know about business and kids to help them out.

And so, this is an official solicitation. If you know a kid who has a good business idea. Or a kid selling cookies. Or books. Or a kid raising money for a cause. Send them my way. I’ll post a story about their idea here. I think it could be really cool!